Lenny Kravitz says his new album 'Black or White America,' due Aug. 30, isn't at all what he thought it would be when he began recording.

"The album started off being one thing, but I ended up starting completely from scratch because what was coming out of me just felt like now. Like, this is what you need to do right now," Kravitz tells CNN.

The rocker said he intended to write an album called 'Negrophilia,' based on a book about the obsession the French have with black culture, but his plans changed.

"I followed the creative spirit and where it told me to go. It's what I always follow. A lot of times you start with an idea, I'm going to make a this kind of album, it's going to be a theme album and the music's going to sound like this ... And then you start working and it's like, no it's not."

Kravitz says his inspiration for 'Superlove' was an old Brothers Johnson song: "I wanted to write my 'Strawberry Letter 23.' 'Superlove' has this funky track, but at the core of the track is a 12-string acoustic guitar, which is very reminiscent of what Quincy Jones and the Brothers Johnson were doing. Really lush, floaty background vocals, guitar solo, funky poppin' bass."

Inspiration also came from the Sapphire novel 'Push,' the book on which the film 'Precious' was based. Kravitz's song is also called 'Push':

"It's kind of an urban story, but it's all about pushing your life and finding your way and not stopping until you reach your goals and your destination. The song isn't about Precious the girl, it's someone who's looking to get from one situation to the next."

Kravitz also confirms that a video for the up-tempo single 'Stand' is on the way, which he says will be "very funny."

Watch the Lyric Video for Lenny Kravitz, 'Stand'