Lenny Kravitz is taking it back to the '80s with his ballad 'Sunflower,' which features in-demand rapper/crooner Drake. The track sounds like a spacey disco song, as it jumbles together funk and electro with blowing whistles and blaring trumpets.

The sunshiny tune, which was co-written by hitmaker Swizz Beatz, features Kravitz singing about love and affection to his faithful boo. "In a world that's crumbling all around us everyday, you are all the inspiration that I need to find my way," he croons. He even promises to be a good listener, like most women want from their boyfriends. "Any conversation you want to have, you'll have my ear, you can tell me all your secrets, they'll be sae my dear," he confides.

Oy vey. The sappy lyrics alone are a big turnoff from this song, but we have to give Kravitz a B for effort at least. Drake seemed to have phoned-in his lyrics which, honestly, doesn't match with the song's romanticism. He raps: "I used to wonder what my old girl doing right now / Ever since you came into my life / Every time I think it'd be good to call her / I just think about you and it would make me think, ah yeah." Uh, what?

'Sunflower' is not what we would usually expect from the glorified rocker, but hopefully the song is not an indication of the album's overall vibe. Despite Kravitz's LP, 'Black and White America,' leaking like a faucet on the internet, we are obliged to tell you that the collection is officially hitting stores on Aug. 30.

Listen to Lenny Kravitz, 'Sunflower' Feat. Drake