In the video for her single 'Collide' -- which was at the center of a legal tussle over plagiarism claims -- singer Leona Lewis isn't attempting to make any sort of grand statement. Instead, she parks herself at the beach with pals -- basking in the sun and pondering not much more than how beautiful the waves look as they break on the shore. Ain't nothing wrong with that. Sometimes you gotta ditch the iPod, sign off of Twitter and enjoy nature without relying on any digital devices.

Lewis, in her blue polka dot bikini, is splashing around, sitting in a convertible and laughing throughout. With her heavy bangs and captivating stare, the camera pans in on plenty of shots of Lewis singing, since she is easy on the eyes.

When she sings the hook "Crash into me / At full speed," the singer is surrounded by crashing waves to further illustrate that lyrical point, before she's transported to a nighttime beach bash, frolicking in the sand with her posse. Romance appears to loom and hangs in the air. There's not much deep thought going on here and really, why should there be? Sometimes, you need to head to the beach, forget all your troubles and not have a care in the world. Lewis' video for 'Collide' captures that magical moment and feeling.

Watch Leona Lewis 'Collide' Video