Leona Lewis unveiled another new song while on the live circuit and pre-promoting her new album. The breathy British singer is setting the table for her upcoming album 'Glassheart' in her native UK and she debuted the title cut by performing at G-A-Y at London's Heaven nightclub.

It looks like a great time was had at G-A-Y -- how could a good time not be had at an event with such a name? -- as Lewis performed with a bunch of hot, shirtless male dancers surrounding her. She also looked cute as hell, as she wore a black dress with a strategically placed, glittery red heart at the center of it.

That's what we call making a debut -- singing a new song, surrounded by a gaggle of buff dudes and looking super hot yourself. While Lewis has dealt with drama (plagiarism accusations) concerning the album's first single 'Collide,' which appear to have been settled, she is still showing absolutely no signs of backing down as she rips through 'Glassheart.'

Her soulful voice owns the song and she is pouring her emotions into the tune, which also boasts a beat that won't quit. It's an upbeat dance song, and while the audio quality isn't primo, it's still got our toes tapping.

Please, Leona, can we have some more!

Watch Leona Lewis Perform 'Glassheart'