Leona Lewis' video for new single "Thunder" might have you worried that she's fallen off a cliff but rest assured, she's got a new pair of wings, and she's poised to fly long before making contact with the ground.

Lewis first teased new tracks in May, and today (September 11), she finally releases her fifth studio album, I Am. Boasting songs like "Fire Under My Feet," an Adele-leaning, upbeat tune featuring staccato beats and church organs and the beautiful, rise-from-the-ashes "Thunder," the record has already proven to be a worthy complement to Spirit and Glassheart. 

And, in case there was any confusion as to who Lewis is, or where she sees her career going, she insists she's completely lifted the curtain this time around. The singer told the BBC on Monday (September 7) that—having created a great deal of I Am herself—independence is a theme that's spelled out across the album's tracks.

Lewis parted ways with the UK's Syco Entertainment in June 2014 and has since signed with Island Records, which she says has given her more artistic license.

"[The album] kind of touches on a lot of different things—different relationships, breakups that I have been through," she said. "But kind of how I felt stepping away from my previous label and going out and doing things alone."

From where we're sitting, a bit of withdrawal certainly suits her.

Be sure to grab a copy of I Am on iTunes (or the album's deluxe version) now!

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