Leona Lewis may or may not be one of the luckiest women on the planet. The 'X Factor U.K.' alum dodged questions about her relationship with One Direction hottie Liam Payne, with whom she was rumored to go on a date recently.

When The Sun flat out asked her if she and Payne were an item, Lewis replied, "Well, I ... I've always been very private and I don’t talk about my relationships and things like that. I've learned from the past." The tab pressed her still for more details, to which she relented slightly, revealing, "Yeah, we are friends, he’s so lovely. He’s super, super sweet and we really get on with each other."

Lewis also noted that Directioners, who Payne said abused his ex, Danielle Peazer, on Twitter, have indeed gone after her as well. "I've had a lot of messages asking me questions but I refuse to talk about it," she affirmed. "I've never been like that and I never will be."

The 'Bleeding Love' singer's responses to The Mirror's queries were similar.  “He is a really sweet, lovely guy," she said of the former boxer. "I’m a fan of One Direction. We have been friends for a year-and-a-half ... I know you have to ask. I've learned from having relationships before that have been speculated about, it’s best not to talk about it," she said. “I think that’s important. Usually the other person doesn’t get a say so it’s really one-sided and unfair.”

We just want to point out that she never actually denied it, which leads us to believe there may be a romance brewing. Because if the answer is "no," wouldn't she just say so?

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