All of the 'X Factor' contestants are giving thanks to the important people in their lives this week and Leroy Bell of the Over '30s chose to pay tribute his late mother. In his pre-performance package, he said, "I know my mom is the greatest!" He revealed that he had five siblings and was the firstborn, and he got his first guitar amp from his mom.

Bell sang 'Angel' by Sarah McLachlan, and the song is a vehicle for the voice of whomever is singing it. In order to sing it well, you have to mean it and boy, did Leroy Bell mean every word, note and sound that came out of his mouth. His soulful, smoky pipes were backed by a choir, and his voice utterly soared and was a stark contrast to McLachlan's pristine singing style. We liked what he did with an already beautiful and haunting song and we felt like we were at a Leroy Bell concert.

This was easily Bell's best performance of the competition so far. Unfortunately, L.A. Reid did not agree. He was in the minority on the judge's panel, however.

Paula Abdul staunchly disagreed with Bell, saying she felt so much passion and connection coming from him.

Simon Cowell said he respects Reid and that's why he wanted him on the show and that "normally I agree with him. But not tonight. You meant every word and I got to know you more. I think you really made your mark this week."

His mentor Nicole Scherzinger told him to let go and he did. Great job, Leroy. You likely bought yourself another week in the competition.

Watch Leroy Bell Perform 'Angel' on 'X Factor'