60-year-old Leroy Bell gave Bob Dylan a break and performed Pink's 'Nobody Knows' in an attempt to survive judge's Nicole Scherzinger's cut and live to sing another week on 'X Factor' tonight.

Bell, who was probably too old to be eligible for judge Simon Cowell's old show 'American Idol' before Pink was even born, seemed a bit nervous during the performance, but it didn't show too much in terms of his singing. Mostly, in fact, what came through was that he seemed to be channeling Michael Bolton.

Scherzinger's fellow judges were pretty kind to Bell, despite the fact that they should be rooting against him. L.A. Reid declared that there was "nothing missing" from his performance, and Paula Abdul noted the Bolton connection.

Simon Cowell delivered his best backhanded compliment of the night, declaring Bell had "one of the best voices" in the show, but also noting "a lack of confidence, a bit of awkwardness" before laying the smackdown on Scherzinger: "I actually wished I was mentoring you." Zing!

To her credit, Nicole fought back, stating, "I don't know if you would have put the two weeks into him like I did, Simon. I was so proud of him. He's grown so much." She put her money where her mouth was when it came time to send somebody home, keeping Bell and instead banishing the impossibly wall-coiffed, supposedly homeless Dexter Haygood back to the mean, cruel, untelevised world.  So the old man lives to sing again!

Watch Leroy Bell Sing Pink's 'Nobody Knows' on 'X Factor'