Lex Land, 24, is a music camp counselor with classical training, so she certainly has the resume for 'The Voice.' But does she have a strong enough voice? Oh hell yes. But before her blind audition on tonight's episode (Feb. 27), she admitted to a bit of stage fright. As a result, her voice was a little shaky and you could hear that she was nervous while she sang. Despite the raging case of nerves, she still killed it. Can you imagine how awesome she will be when she gets over her stage fright? Lookout!

Lex sang a breathy, modern, smooth and silky update of Bonnie Raitt's 'I Can’t Make You Love Me,' which got all the male coaches to turn around. Cee Lo tapped in first, while Adam Levine followed suit. He said Lex was more Sade than Adele.

Blake Shelton loved how she incorporates three vocal styles into a single performance and commended her for her sexy, sultry notes; he also preferred her lower registers. The always entertaining Shelton also did this post-orgasmic gesture with his voice and posture, to illustrate how Land's voice made him feel, to which Levine commented "Blake, you're so premature." We picked up what he was putting down with that premature comment – did you?

Christina Aguilera said she felt Lex's voice would give out, but again, that can all be attributed to nerves. Overall, her voice is the perfect type of for Shelton's team, since he does his best work with female contestants. That's why Lex Land chose him.

Watch Lex Land Perform 'Can't Make You Love Me' on 'The Voice'