Fourteen-year-old Lexi St. George has been selected as the winner of 'Good Morning America's' One Week to Hit It Big competition, giving an unknown teen the chance at becoming a pop star in just seven days.

Inspired by the success of Rebecca Black's viral hit, 'Friday,' the launched a search for the next singing sensation, spearheaded by a team of experts, including Patrice Wilson, CEO of Black’s former label Ark Music Factory.

On June 29, St. George’s new single, 'Dancing to the Rhythm (With Me),' was posted on YouTube and has since garnered just over 27,000 views. According to Wilson, the mastermind behind 'Friday,' St. George’s single says it's "supposed to be good," as opposed to Black's offering, which was intended as a hate-to-love/love-to-hate song.

St. George, who counts Taylor Swift as her biggest inspiration, appeared on the morning show to debut her video. After taking it all in, she burst into tears on camera, but soon collected herself. "It was really hard not being able to tell my family, but the pressure, it was on and it was hard," she said of the week-long experience. "But, I guess I just got through it because I know that the ending was going to be phenomenal, and it was."

Watch the Lexi St. George 'Dancing to the Rhythm (With Me)' Video