Want to ruin some of your early '00s nostalgia? Look no further than Brad Fischetti. Once known as the least attractive member of LFO (of course, this depends on your tastes), he's now known for, uh ... hanging out at abortion clinics and praying a lot.

BuzzFeed caught wind of Fischetti's pro-life campaigning. He tweets a lot of photos and messages from outside of abortion clinics in Florida, where he prays for girls not to go through with their procedures. Because, ladies, remember: Your uterus is totally that one guy who sang backup about Abercrombie and Fitch's business!

Fischetti's constant quoting of Scripture is a pretty far cry from his days of "Shooby-doo-wop and Scooby Snacks," and it's unclear what he actually does for a living now. One thing that is apparent, though, is his extremely pro-life belief system. He and his pal John Barros are often outside of clinics -- which, we should note, generally offer services beyond simply abortions -- with megaphones asking girls not to go through with the operations. It's a pretty invasive and somewhat offensive attitude, seeing as he doesn't know about their lives at all -- just that they may or may not be carrying another inside of them. It's a tough job, though. Apparently Barros got physically assaulted once ... with a donut.

Another habit? Fischetti calls the clinic's doctors "abortionists," which is likely a misnomer, since chances are they perform quite a bit more procedures than that and are probably licensed OB/GYNs. But really, who's into all that technical stuff? (You know, like that other verse in the Bible that denounces tattoos.) In any case, whether or not we agree with Fischetti's views (you can probably tell where this particular writer stands), we do admire him for standing up for and voicing his beliefs.

Check out a sampling of the 'Summer Girls' singer's tweets below, then reminisce -- and perhaps cleanse your mental palate -- with their biggest hit.

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