While Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth have remained mostly tightlipped and cooly polite about one another after ending their engagement in September, sources suggest that the actor and 'The Hunger Games' star wants his twerking queen back in his life.

Reports say the formerly engaged couple had a secret meeting and Hemsworth wanted to get back together. Begging and groveling may have occurred. They've also been exchanging flirty texts.

We're not sure that this can amount to anything, since she has a major tour on deck and he'll filming the next installments of 'The Hunger Games' franchise.

Cyrus also acted like she was totally over the split as soon as it happened. She could have been putting on her poker face, though.

We'd like to point out that MiLi started dating when they met on the set of their film 'The Last Song,' broke up and then got back together, so perhaps this is part of a cycle for them? Or maybe they really are dunzo for good. The only thing that is constant is our desire to find out where they both end up and with whom.

Not much else has been said recently about her reported romance with Theo Wenner, either.