One Direction's Liam Payne made headlines when he buzzed his shaggy 'do last year. The cut has now grown into a mature, polished pompadour, perfect for a pop sensation.

Austin Mahone, on the other hand, is sporting a style made famous by another singer -- Justin Bieber! Austin's swoop recalls the swaggy look that made JB famous. Liam or Austin: Whose cut do you like better?

We think Liam looks good with any cut, but when he shaved it for charity in 2012, we saw many benefits to the new look! His longer hair reminds us of when he auditioned for the 'X Factor,' but now that he's a wildly successful pop star, it's time to update the hair. His shorn hair shows his maturity, especially as One Direction prepares to their third album.

Austin has loads of talent, but is also incredibly humble. The rising star has all of Justin Bieber's confidence, but still makes us feel like he's our BFF. At only 17 years old, Austin's longer locks suit his age and his style. The shaggy 'do complements his playful personality.

Whose haircut do you like more? Vote below!