One Direction's Liam Payne took to Twitter earlier today to address an inflammatory article written about him that claims he may have a drinking problem. The article is by the Inquisitr, and states that the rest of the band reportedly feel Liam is devoting too much time to drinking and fear he may be unable to perform to the best of his abilities on tour. Of course, anyone who's actually seen One Direction in concert is probably aware that Liam is a total professional and has no trouble onstage.

Liam apparently caught wind of the article and decided to go ahead and respond to the claims, calling the site out directly. He wrote, in a series of tweets, "Now I don't really like responding too [sic] news articles anymore but I really think this is out of order. I don't have a problem. Thanks for worrying but I don't spend my time off stage drinking I play video games with friends and go to the gym. I don't drink anymore [sic] than a uni student my age so don't treat me like I'm any different to a normal boy my age."

Liam later apologized to fans for the tweets, writing, "Apologies for the rant guys have a nice evening." We commend Liam for defending himself in a mature, thoughtful way. We're not exactly sure where this rumor came from, but we're glad that Liam was able to dispel it by speaking directly to fans. All hail the power of social media.

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