Fifth Harmony's new album, 'Reflection,' has been in high rotation at PopCrush, but it looks like we aren't the only ones completely obsessed with it. It sounds like DJ Payno -- aka One Direction's Liam Payne -- might remix it.

The ladies dropped the album earlier this week and already Liam has reached out to show his support. He even called out the title track as one that he'd want to remix as DJ Payno!

"Hey everyone check out @FifthHarmony new album reflection and the song on it reflection is the best I wanna remix," he tweeted.

Um, YES. We want to hear this ASAP. Liam even got the stamp of approval from one of the members of Fifth Harmony!

"OMG THANKS LIAM!!! we're holding you up to this remix. your tweet is in writing so you can't take it back muahahah," Camila Cabello responded.

Camila, we're counting on you to make this happen! Now if only we could get an official One Direction/ Fifth Harmony track ...

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