Be still your beating hearts, 1D fans. One Direction's Liam Payne has reportedly broken up with dancer girlfriend Danielle Peazer.

The split is shocking since the couple moved in with each other just a few months ago. However, according to The Sun, Peazer made the decision to move out because of the "abuse she received from One Direction fans" on Twitter, as well as their hectic and conflicting schedules.

"It was getting impossible to keep it going," a source told the paper. "They were apart so much and everything that was being said to Danielle on Twitter was getting to her. They both still care for each other and will remain friends, but it all just got too much."

Peazer was attacked by fans online, even receiving death threats. She responded, “To tweet someone telling them to 'go die' is disgusting. I don't care if you hate me but keep it to yourself rather than tweeting me."

Payne hasn't been sitting idly while this has been happening. The star has blocked a threatening fan on Twitter, and defended Peazer by saying he would take things further if any more death threats occurred.

The dancer and boy band member met on the set of 'X Factor' in 2010. They were together for two years. Payne will have his buddies to help keep his chin up, though. Single 1D members Harry Styles and Niall Horan will surely have his back through these tough times, and even though Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson have girlfriends, we have no doubt that they'll be there for their mate.

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