Liam Payne is a good sport and a pretty good dancer. The former boxer and current One Direction heartthrob was a guest on BBC Radio 1 and complete a challenge chosen by fans. His challenge? To do the signature "invisible horse" dance to Psy's viral hit 'Gangnam Style.'

The challenge was a quid pro quo of sorts -- the DJ hosting the show, Gemma Cairney, actually shaved "1D" into her head, so it was the least he could do to repay for the tribute. Payne couldn't shave her name into his own head because he already shaved the entire thing for charity! (We heart him for that!)

Payne not only did the moves, but he did them well and learned them remarkably quickly. Was he practicing in his bedroom mirror at home? He began with just some hand claps and hip-shaking, then looked at the camera and said, "Here we go!" He clearly had fun, telling Cairney, "I could do this all day." Even though Payne was awesome at the dance, he was beyond aware of how silly it was, laughing, "This is ridiculous!"

It's nice to see our 1D cutie smiling. After his split with his longtime girlfriend, dancer Danielle Peazer, Payne was reportedly "devastated." Though it was rumored that he went on a date with Leona Lewis following the breakup, he's since denied those tall tales, explaining that the pair are just friends. Just really goodlooking, insanely talented friends.