Them's fightin' words! Or are they? Liam Payne of One Direction is throwing the Wanted under the bus, accusing the fellow British boy band of pretty much being obsessed with 1D. But really, can you blame them? Can you blame us?

When asked about One Direction's media-manufactured rivalry with the Wanted, Payne said, "To be honest, we haven't really got a problem with anyone. We've never really said anything about it. We've kind of ignored it." Atta boy, Liam -- take the high road until it gives you a nosebleed!

Or not: "But for me, the Wanted have made their career more about us than anything else," he was quick to add. "They've only got themselves to blame." Yowza! "They do their dance music and we'll do our rock'n'roll kind of thing," Liam said simply. "They've constantly compared us in the press. They rose to the bait, whereas we've said they can do what they want."

Still, Liam isn't all catty about it. "When we first spoke to them, when we were on the 'X Factor,' they were really nice," he quipped. "But then you hear these stories and can't quite believe what people are saying." In fairness to both parties, because of Liam's frequent use of "they," it can be hard to determine if he means the Wanted or the media who created the feud to begin with.

It isn't the first time 1D have poked fun at the Wanted recently. Louis Tomlinson, who's said to have the most acrimonious relaysh with the group, pretended to be the Wanted on a radio show last week. This should make their performances at Z100's Jingle Ball pretty interesting!

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