Imagine a pack of strangers showing up at your house, ripping apart your lawn and property, all day and all night in a mad hunt for something that isn't even there.

Now imagine that people also sent death threats to your puppy.

Now you almost have an idea of what it's like to be One Direction singer Liam Payne, whose parents' house was invaded by Directioners looking for tickets to one of his shows. Yikes!

A radio station led listeners on a scavenger hunt with clues to the location of a pair of One Direction tickets, and unfortunately, about a hundred Directioners interpreted some of the clues to lead to Payne's childhood home -- and not only wasn't Payne there, but neither were the tickets!

The clues included “they are close to somewhere beautiful” and “could have been an ancient burial site,” and they wound up being taped to the back of a road sign nearby ... but it took Directioners a while to figure that out.

The fans were lifting up flower pots and essentially digging all over the poor Payne family's lawn. Thankfully, Payne's father, Geoff, had a sense of humor about the mishap. (Plus, it's not like his son isn't rich enough to buy him a whole new house, let alone to fix any landscaping issues that may have ensued.)

"I’m much better now that the competition is over," Geoff Payne laughed to The Sun. “ I've had people loitering around the house for days on end now. I’m glad someone won it. There have been people hiding round corners looking for them.”


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