One Direction's self-appointed patriarchal figure, Liam Payne, has gone ahead and impressed us yet again. Between his swoon-worthy falsetto, his willingness to try new hairstyles and his constant tweeting to let fans know he's still there for them, we thought we'd seen it all. But then news emerged that Liam had bought a house for his parents and we found ourselves weeping over his generosity yet again.

According to the Sun, Liam gifted his parents a 400,000 pound house, which is somewhere around the 610,000 dollar mark -- give or a take a few bucks. A source reportedly told the Sun (quote via Yahoo!): "Liam thinks the world of his parents and it pains him to leave his family behind when he is on tour. He is also a shrewd operator. At 21 he has shown excellent awareness of the importance of investments. 1D won't last for ever but Liam has already secured several million in bricks and mortar."

Liam also bought himself a house recently, costing over 5.1 million pounds -- that's over 7.7 million dollars. According to the Daily Mail, the house is a three-story mansion said to include a tennis court, movie theatre, heated outdoor swimming pool and even a dance studio.

The Daily Mail goes on to explain: "The security is insane. Every part of the house and grounds are in camera isolation zones, many heat and motion monitors." Considering how often fans have shown up at the One Direction guys' homes, we don't exactly blame Liam for upping the ante, security-wise.

Still, we can't help but be totally impressed by Liam's generosity toward his parents. He's not the first guy from the group to do so -- Zayn famously gifted his family a home, as well, and it was even documented in their movie, 'This Is Us.'

What do you guys think? How sweet is Liam? What did you get your parents for Christmas?

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