Another tweet, another Liam Payne scandal. Earlier this week the One Direction singer was met with criticism after taking to Twitter to vehemently insist he is both "100% not homophobic but also 100% not gay." Good to know.

Now, according to The Mirror, a photo of the 'Best Song Ever' singer posing with a shotgun is making its way around the Internet, with fans up in arms over the insensitivity of the image. Liam reportedly spent the day shooting clay pigeons with the Robertson family - stars of the hit television show 'Duck Dynasty' - whose patriarch, Phil Robertson, recently came under fire for a number of anti-gay comments.

None of this is news to Liam, as the boybander faced backlash from fans and media alike after tweeting his love for Robertson's "family values" earlier this year.  He eventually took to Twitter to deny claims that he was homophobic, insisting his support extended only as far as the show and not Robertson's anti-gay stance.

So far he's remained mum on the gun photo (a rare move for Liam), but that hasn't stopped fans from tweeting their disapproval. According to The Mirror, fan Sophia Deluxe said: “It's not funny to hold a gun, because everyday thousands of people die by gunfire!"

Elsewhere in the Twitter-sphere, fellow bandmate Harry Styles demonstrated proper deflection technique by uploading an image (shown below) showing his support for Emma Watson's #HeForShe Gender Equality campaign.

Liam, take notes.

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