Michael Jackson would have been 53 today (Aug. 29). To honor the King of Pop, we're looking at Liam Payne and Jessie J's recent covers of two of the iconic star's biggest hits. Who covers MJ best?

Liam Payne, who just so happens to share a birthday with Michael Jackson, recently treated One Direction fans to an impressive rendition of MJ's 'The Way You Make Me Feel' during the band's Where We Are Tour. Donning a purple fedora (as a nod to the late icon), Payne glided effortlessly across the stage as he let those falsetto vocals get to work. And Niall and Zayn even got in on the act, dancing to Liam's smooth voice.

There's no question that Jessie J is a powerhouse vocalist, and we love her funky take on 'Rock With You.' With a voice like hers, she definitely had the chops to take on MJ's classic dance tune -- and she did so flawlessly. And we can't get enough of her infectious smile radiating throughout the performance, which just shows how much fun she had performing the hit.

Who covers Michael Jackson best? Cast your vote for Liam Payne or Jessie J in the poll below.

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