Check out these studly boy banders! Even though Liam Payne of One Direction and Nathan Sykes of the Wanted are a bit younger in these pics, hence they're slimmer physiques, they still both look great without their t-shirts... But who looks best in your opinion?

Neither Payne nor Sykes are known for galavanting around half-naked, so shirtless photos of these two are definitely hard to come by. However, when these more reserved singers posed for band promo photos a while back, they daringly shed the upper portions of their outfits for some added eye candy.

They can't be older than 17 or 18 in these pictures (perhaps even younger?), but the One Direction member and the Wanted crooner are both rockin' some nice abs.  We can clearly see the outlines of their toned stomach muscles, and the cut of their hips as Payne stands straight up next to his bandmate, while Sykes is standing with one hip cocked to the side aside Jay McGuiness.

We love 'em both so much, so this one is gonna be tough. Which one of these super sweet cuties has the best shirtless bod? Vote for Liam Payne of One Direction or Nathan Sykes of the Wanted below!

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