Liana Conway's 'Beautiful Day' video makes us miss summer like a severed limb, as we drag the scarves, gloves and winter coats out of our closets since the weather is developing a noticeable chill.

The easy, breezy clip is accompanied by dreamy song that makes us wish we could teleport backwards to three months ago. Or at the very least move to California.

In the video, Conway, who is a Massachusetts native, cradles an acoustic guitar, rides a bike, hangs out with surfers and makes a habit out of flashing her beautiful light eyes while splashing in a waterfall. She reminds us of a brunette version of Colbie Caillat, thanks to pretty, beachy and airy voice; we also love her light eyes/dark hair look. It's so exotic.

However, by simple virtue of opening her mouth, Conway, 21, makes us yearn for those hot, lazy days in July. You know a girl has talent when her voice is enough to transport your elsewhere. She reminds us of a younger Carole King with the way she coaxes her voice over soft acoustic riffing. Adult contemporary pop never looked or sounded so good.

The video also features Parker Young from the new ABC show 'Suburgatory' so keep your peepers peeled for Parker!

Pretend it's summer for a few more moments with this video.

Watch the Liana Conway 'Beautiful Day' Video