The cat fight between current rap diva Nicki Minaj and former rap queen Lil Kim has often been a war of words in the press, most of which are hurled by Kim. This weekend, Lil Kim fans have weighed in against Minaj, accusing the colorful, decorated modern queen of rap of swiping Lil Kim's style at a Fashion Night Out event in New York City on Sept. 8.

Minaj was hosting an event at Yves Saint Laurent and her fans came out in record numbers to see and support her. She was decked out in a black, Asian-style outfit, which consisted of a kimono and chopsticks in her hair, which was also black. We all know that Minaj loves to change her hair color, length and height with a variety of wigs, so this look was a little more subdued for her. She batted mega long eyelashes and rocked bright blue eye makeup, too.

The Lil Kim Fan Club members were happy to point out that they felt the ensemble was a bit too similar to something that their heroine wore to an event for gay pride a few months prior. The fan club members went as far as to suggest that the outfit was a diss on Kim. They also said that Minaj's colorful VMAs attire was also jacked from Lil Kim.

The fan club site posted the two photos, and while they are of similar inspiration, they look nothing alike. Kim's outfit is red and deconstructed, while Minaj's dress is black and solid. They aren't even the same taste level. One is revealing, while the other is covered up.

Fashion is fashion. Trends and styles go out as fast as they come in. Here's a fact for both Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim fans to accept: the Asian kimono trend, complete with chopsticks as hair accessories, is not new. It's been done and redone in the Western world. Neither diva is doing something original with the look and it's not criminal to wear similar looks. We also doubt Minaj consciously tried to diss Kim with her choice of clothing for the event.

We think people should stop trying to create more drama between the dueling divas. We're hoping they one day bury the hatchet and record a song together!