The Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj feud has just been taken to the next level, which leaves us asking the question: can't we all just get along? Lil' Kim just released the artwork for her latest mixtape, 'Black Friday,' and it's far from pretty.

On the cover of the tape, which was released yesterday evening, Lil' Kim is pictured sitting with a samurai sword as blood whirls around the rapper. A decapitated head with pink hair lies beside her, as the body it came from sits upright behind Kim.

The disturbing image is meant to portray Lil' Kim slaying her archenemy, Nicki Minaj. 'Black Friday' is a play off of Nicki Minaj's album 'Pink Friday,' and the mutilated body on the cover on Kim's mixtape is the same image of Minaj that appears on her album cover. Ever since Minaj became the rap world's new queen, Nicki Minaj and Lil' Kim have been duking it out via verses.

On top of this, many fans were expecting Lil' Kim's new mixtape to be free of charge. However, the Queen Bee is charging $9.99 for 'Black Friday.' The mixtape features Kim's latest creation, 'P----n' on 'Em,' which is a diss track featuring similar lyrical compositions and the exact same beat as Minaj's 'Did It on 'Em.' What do you think of Lil' Kim's violent cover art? Is she beginning to take this feud over the top?