For six years, Lil Twist was the young rapper with the Afro-style mohawk (or mo-faux depending on who you're asking), that even Beyoncé adored. But as of Sept. 15, he no longer has his trademark haircut. During a live Ustream session with his fans, the teen rap idol had the barber shaved part of his mohawk off.

“I’m getting rid of this Mohawk," Twist told his viewers while sitting in the barber's chair. "The Mohawk is like six years old. It’s been having so much swag for so many years, but now it’s time to switch it up."

If you look at the before and after picture above, you can see that the barber shaped him up and cut a little bit off at the top. It's not a drastic change, but rather, in our opinion, an upgrade. The 18-year-old rhyme-spitter looks more clean cut, and, shall we say, swagged out.

After unveiling his new hairdo, apparently, there were a few fans upset by Twist's new look. He reassured his teary-eyed followers that his swag is still intact despite the new hairdo. "Don’t cry you guys," he said. "I love you. It can always grow back." Twist then swept up the remaining 'hawk hair off the floor and put it in a plastic bag. We wouldn't be surprised if he put his hair follicles up for auction on eBay next week. Young moola, baby!

So tell us what you think. Do you like Lil Twist's new haircut? Does he still have swag with his new hairdo?

Watch Lil Twist Shaves His Mohawk Live on Ustream! Video