It looks like that scuffle we reported on earlier this week between Lil Twist and former Nickelodeon star Chris Massey has officially resulted in a warrant for Lil Twist’s arrest. TMZ is reporting that the rapper is allegedly wanted for home invasion and robbery.

While an attorney for the Massey brothers is saying that the warrant for Lil Twist’s arrest was issued by a judge and that the rapper was charged with both felony robbery and home invasion, the D.A. reports that no charges have been filed as of today (Nov. 14).

The fight between Lil Twist and Chris ended with Chris being forced to go to the hospital to have his wounds examined by a medial professional. You can read the statement released by the Massey family when news of the fight first broke here.

Although there were apparently four other men also involved in the fight and home invasion, police have yet to identify them.

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