As if Justin Bieber didn't have enough to worry about, now he has car trouble, too.

This time, Lil Twist crashed Bieber's prized, chromed out Fisker Karma while the 'Beauty and a Beat' singer was hospitalized in London. Not cool, Twist!

Another random note? There were two passengers in the car -- and one of them may have been Chris Brown.

TMZ reports that the wannabe rapper was involved in a hit and run in Bieber's car. Twist crashed into two cement poles in front of a San Fernando Valley liquor store, doing damage not just to the front of the vehicle, but also the poles.

Despite seemingly being unable or unwilling to respect Bieber's property, Twist had no problem bragging about the wheels. A witness said that either Twist or one of his two passengers said, "Do you know whose car this is? It's Justin Bieber's car."

Shortly after the accident, a BMW pulled up and the driver instructed Twist and his cohorts to "Get all the pieces from the car [that fell] and put it in the car [the BMW]." The BMW then drove off with Twist, Brown and their buddy, leaving the Fisker Karma behind.

Since damage was done to poles outside of the liquor store, leaving the scene of the accident is a crime. Uh oh.

This is far from the first incident Lil Twist has had in one of Bieber's cars. Last week he was pulled over while driving the Fisker Karma for making an unsafe lane change. Twist also bottomed out one of Biebs' Ferraris, causing $8,000 to $10,000 worth of damage, and was also behind the wheel of one the Ferrari when a paparazzo was struck and killed by another car.

On top of all this, Bieber is currently in the hospital. Stress like this won't help!

Biebs, we're not telling you how to pick your pals -- but maybe be more picky about to whom you hand over your keys!

UPDATE: Chris Brown's reps said he wasn't in the car at the time of the incident -- he wasn't even in town. Sources, get your eyes checked!

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