You have to be a pretty calculated jerk to commit an offense like this. TMZ reports that rapper Lil Wayne was the victim of a pepper spray attack on Wednesday night in Canada.

But the perpetrator did not spray the noxious substance directly at Weezy or in his face; instead, the offender snuck into an after party at club La Mouche in Montreal and laced the air ducts with the substance, causing what was no doubt an uncomfortable panic.

Weezy was hosting the after party and presumably having a good time when the person with too much time on his hands released the chemical into the club's ventilation system. Everyone had to evacuate the premises.

Afterwards, Weezy's rep confirmed that the rapper is "okay" and was "gearing up for his next stop in Toronto." His nostrils and eyes were probably more than a little irritated, since pepper spray is some pretty nasty stuff.

It was not revealed if the authorities are launching a full investigation to apprehend the jerk who thought it would be a fun to pull such an asinine prank.