Lil Wayne is an avid football fan -- he even blogged about the sport for ESPN! With the season starting, he's once again being vocal about what goes down on the gridiron. Weezy's hometown team, the New Orleans Saints, played the Green Bay Packers on Thursday, Sept. 8, with the Packers pulling out the victory with a final score of 42-34. Weezy was vocal about his favorite pigskin peddler, and it's none other than the retired (and somewhat disgraced) Brett Favre.

Football fans know that despite having a historic, Hall of Fame-worthy career as the Packers' QB, Favre would not go gentle into that good night of retirement. He made two comebacks with two different teams (the New York Jets in 2008 and Packers' division rivals the Minnesota Vikings in 2009 and 2010), but 2011 sees the quarterback's official retirement.

Despite some of the criticism levied at Favre for his indecisiveness when it came to retiring, Weezy is firmly in his corner, on the field and off.

"Who’s my favorite football player after Brett Favre?” Weezy said to “That’s my favorite football player. I ain’t got no other favorite football player! I’m a grown a-- man. You don’t just jump to another n---a; ‘Oh that’s my favorite now!' Nah n----a, that’s my favorite football player; Brett Favre. Ain’t no other n----a could f--k with him."

Weezy has even met No. 4 and gotten the QB's John Hancock on some sports paraphernalia, too. But that is not the extent of their interaction. Favre even reached out to Tunechi while the rapper was imprisoned last year, sending words of encouragement via Brian McKinney, his Vikings teammate at the time and a friend of the Young Money crew. Weezy was thoroughly touched by Favre's actions, chalking it up to the two of them being Southern boys.

Weezy said, "Yea, yea. Yea that’s, you know, he from the South. That’s just how we are from here, nah mean? I’m quite sure he’s aware of my admiration for him and his game, his career. He shows the same for me and mine."

Maybe Wayne can recruit Favre for a guest vocal on 'Tha Carter V?' His latest, 'Tha Carter IV,' just bowed at No. 1 on the charts and enjoyed one of the best sales weeks of the year.