Long, thick dreads are as much a part of Lil Wayne's unique look as his face tattoos. Check out the recent photo of Weezy with Big Boi of Outkast. Did the rapper make a drastic change and chop off his signature locks, streamlining his look?

Um, no!

Despite the "OMG!" scare, Weezy's locks are in tact. He just had his hair pulled back off his face and fastened in a ponytail in this posted pic. But could you even begin to imagine the rap dynamo without his dreads? That's like picturing him without a single piece of ink on his person, which is pretty much a bodysuit of tats at this point in his life.

It'd... it'd... it'd be like Weezy without a grill. It's unfathomable.

It'd also be like picturing him without this trusty skateboard, since that's a huge part of his the TRUKFIT guru's lifestyle. It'd be like him not being a part of the YMCMB crew, too. You get where we're going here, right?

Whew! While we're sure Weezy would look good with or without his dreads, we're glad they're still there.

PopCrushers, did you freak out for a sec thinking Lil Wayne went dread-free?

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