Feud alert. This time, it's rapper Lil Wayne and the Miami Heat. Actually, back up a sec. Make that Lil Wayne and the NBA.

Despite declaring that the NBA has banned him from events due to beef between him and the reigning champion Heat, and his boastful claim that he banged power forward Chris Bosh's wife, Weezy was still hanging out at the league's All-Star Weekend in Houston over the past few days.

What gives?

Well, Weezy took the stage at an event, revealing that "the NBA has banned me from all NBA events … because the Miami Heat told them to ban me."

That's a big accusation, but perhaps it has become a big deal due to the fact that one of the team's star players has an issue with Tunechi and the fact that Weezy was removed from a game last week because he was rooting for the beleaguered L.A. Lakers. He supposedly made a gun gesture at another fan, a decidedly more problematic thing than rooting for the opponents.

Whatever the case, he's not keeping quiet about the matter.

He encouraged the crowd to chant "F---" the NBA and to chant "F---" the Heat. ANd of course he dropped that bombshell that he banged Bosh's wife Adrienne Williams.

You know, what does Weezy care about the NBA? He's a way bigger football fan.