As fans wait patiently for Drake's second album 'Take Care' to hit stores, his boss Lil Wayne says it will be well worth the wait. Although the Young Money honcho only heard a few tracks, he tells MTV that Drizzy's LP is out of this world.

"I can tell, you know, I don't know nothing else out there that can touch it, including my stuff," he says of the Toronto rapper's sophomore effort. "That kid is on another planet."

Drake describes ‘Take Care’ as a narrative story about an unknown kid from Toronto who has become the most sought-after artist in the world. The set's first single, 'Make Me Proud' (Featuring Nicki Minaj) is already a radio hit.

Wayne believes Drake's storytelling skills will help connect audiences to his music. "To me, I call him a conversational artist, meaning he can make a hit song out of a regular conversation that you would love to have with any woman or anybody, and I think that is his expertise," he says. "The songs I heard, he just capitalized on that like crazy."

We'll have to wait and see if it's the real deal when Drake's album 'Take Care' hits stores on Nov. 15.