Lil Wayne is disputing claims that he failed to perform at a concert in the Bahamas in 2009 because he was too drunk. Weezy was sued for not performing the show after the promoter fronted a huge chunk of change, and according to court documents, their stories are very different.

TMZ snagged court docs from the case. The promoters, Red City Entertainment, fronted Wayne $432,000 to perform the 2009 show -- and claim that he passed out drunk and missed the whole thing. When he didn't turn up, the promoters sent police to his room to check on him and claim that police found Weezy was unconscious.

Weezy is fighting back against the allegations. In the papers, he asserts, "At no point [that night] did I become so intoxicated that I passed out on a bed in my suit, or anywhere else."

Fair enough -- so why did he cancel? Wayne claims that he didn't cancel at all, but that the entire concert was cancelled, and not by his doing. In the documents, Wayne claims he believes there was a technical issue regarding lighting or sound that caused the cancellation, but can't remember exactly what it was. Here's hoping his memory comes back before he has to go to court!