A cryptic tweet from is leading some to believe Lil Wayne is engaged to his girlfriend, Italian model Dhea! In addition to Weezy possibly putting a ring on it and settling down with the brunette beauty, some gossip sites are also reporting that Ms. Dhea is pregnant with the rapper's baby! 

According to Twitter, Lil Wayne must've been celebrating Valentine's Day 2012 in a big way! Yesterday, the rapper took to Twitter and simply wrote, "She said yes!" Wait a minute, WHO said yes, Weezy? You can't just leave us hangin' like that! If Weezy did in fact propose to Dhea, we couldn't be happier for the couple!

Media Take Out also reports that, according to "a rock solid Young Money insider, Weezy asked Dhea to marry him, and they scheduled a real wedding." The gossip site also reports that the couple have scheduled a ceremony for some time in the near future, likely during springtime.

Now, when it comes to these pregnancy rumors, we are a bit skeptical. According to Celebs.Gather.com, Weezy F. Baby and Dhea are expecting a child of their own, and this also prompted the rapper to get down on one knee and ask for Dhea's hand in marriage. However, this isn't the first time the couple has gone through with a wedding ceremony. A few months back, Media Take Out also reported that Lil Wayne and Dhea wed in a non-traditional ceremony that isn't officially recognized as a legal union.

If Dhea is actually with child, their baby would be Lil Wayne's fifth kid. The rapper is already a father to teenager Reginae, 3-year-old Dwayne III, 2-year-old Cameron, and 2-year-old Neal.

Update: Lil Wayne must have got April Fool's Day and Valentine's Day mixed up this year. He cleared up his suggestive tweet on the morning of Feb. 15 by writing, "Ohhhhhhh now I see why! I meant "she said yes" to being my valentine!!! Hahahahahahaha! Y'all krazy!" Looks like there won't be any wedding bells ringing for Weezy and Dhea... at least not yet!