The life of a famous rapper isn't easy, just ask Lil Wayne. Apparently, while the Young Money leader was trying to relax at his Miami crib, two male fans tried to invade his personal space. Luckily for us, their interaction with an irate Weezy was captured on video.

According to RapFix, the two wannabe stalkers drove through Lil Wayne's posh neighborhood after spotting a beautiful female guest rolling up into his driveway. After waiting for a few minutes, the guys decided to drive up to Weezy's crib to possibly get a photograph with him.

When one of the dudes spotted Wayne he yells, "Weezy … Can we get a quick picture bro?"
Wayne's response: "Yo, do me a favor, get the f--- out this neighborhood, or get your head knocked the f--- off, do that. Get the f--- out this neighborhood homie."

The two fans obliged Wayne's request and departed from his property. We are not even mad at Weezy for threatening the two stalkers with bodily harm. In the end, it's safe to say, that when Lil Wayne is chillin' at his crib, leave him alone.

Watch the 'Lil Wayne Kicks Out 2 Fans Waiting In Front Of His Crib' Video (Warning: Foul Language)