In a moment of patriotic solidarity, Lil Wayne paid tribute to the victims of 9/11 during his final concert stop of his 'I Am Still Music' tour in Houston on Sunday (Sept. 11).

In front thousands of concertgoers, Weezy offered his thoughts on the most tragic day in American history. "As a black man, it’s kinda tough to root for the home team given what we went through for this m-----f---ing home team," he told the rapt crowd. "But I still can proudly say, ‘I am a m-----f----in' American!’" He then added: “The people that lost their lives 10 years ago was hardworking people just like you and I. Sometimes it makes you and I wonder why the hell it didn’t happen to us."

Wayne then invited his "blood brother" Game onstage to perform a brief rendition of their collaborative song 'My Life,' which appears on the Compton rapper's third LP 'LAX.' Together, the duo obliged the audience into singing the life-affirming hook, "And I'm grindin til I'm tired / 'Cause they said you ain't grindin til you tired / So I'm grindin with my eyes wide, looking to find a way through the day, a life for the night / Dear Lord: you done took so many of my people / I'm just wondering why you haven't taken my life / Like what the hell am I doing right?"

Game wasn't singing along as much but he did stay long enough to slap hands with Weezy before exiting the stage. We have to give it up to Wayne for remembering the heroes and victims of 9/11. It was a kind gesture to do on the final night of his US tour.

Watch the LiL Wayne and Game Remembering 911 Victims at Concert Video