Lil Wayne was bound to find himself a girlfriend one of these days, and if it can't be one of us normal folks, then it'll have to be Dhea. Yep -- Weezy's mystery lady's name is Dhea, and she hails from Scottsdale, Ariz.

As you can see, Wayne and his lady sat courtside at the Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat game in Miami, Fla. on Tuesday and soaked in a little basketball, but they were also spotted catching some rays and walking hand-in-hand on the beach.

But who exactly is Dhea, and how did she strike gold and end up with Weezy? claims that Miss Dhea is Italian, from Arizona, and makes a living waiting tables at the Suede Restaurant & Lounge in Scottsdale. Perhaps Wayne is simply a fan of fine dining and lazy lounging?

We don't know exactly how the pair met, but it's easy to tell that they've grown pretty comfortable with one another. Lil Weezy's body language says that he's got his guard down -- and he even has his arm around his girl -- who is staring at him lovingly while he enjoys some Heat and Gatorade.

The news of Lil Wayne's lady friend comes on the cusp of his 'Tha Carter IV' album release, set for June 21. There's even a slow, broken down song about love on the record -- maybe written with Dhea in mind!