Although Lil Wayne's new mixtape 'Sorry 4 the Wait' is short on guest features, he did manage to grab one artist for an out-of-this-world duet -- the much-maligned rap newcomer Lil B.

Tunechi and the Based God teamed up over Lex Luger's spacey beat for Waka Flocka Flame's 'Grove St. Party,' and although most of their raps are nonsensical, you can tell these guys are just simply having fun with it.

Weezy comes through with plenty of hashtag raps and tough talk on his run-through, check it: "Swagger on steroids / Canseco, José / No limit records / We so about it, about it / I'm high up in this b---- / I feel like I climbed a f----- mountain."

Meanwhile, Lil B is in full swag mode, and a little bit confused, as he spits, "My life is just a painting / And I paint you a picture / Think about it / A young paid-a– n----- / That this sun music / B----, I just do's it / It's Lil B / and I'll m-----f----- prove it." Yeah, we're scratching our heads on that couplet, too.

'Grove St. Party' is interesting enough that a duet album from these two space cadets (ala Kanye West and Jay-Z's collaborative LP 'Watch the Throne') wouldn't be so far-fetched. Or would it? If that ever did happen, Wayne and Lil B should call it 'Watch the Swag.' Ha!

Listen to Lil Wayne, 'Grove St. Party' Feat. Lil B