Lil Wayne might be one of the most famous rappers around, but that doesn't mean that he has forgotten about his roots. Weezy (along with his Cash Money cohorts Birdman and Ronald 'Slim' Williams) recently returned to his hometown of New Orleans to hand out Thanksgiving turkeys to people who are lacking the funds to afford a bird for the upcoming holiday.

Although Birdman and other Cash Money members have been handing out turkeys for years, Nov. 20 marked Weezy's first time participating in the charitable effort in nearly a decade. "It's actually been my first time back here for the past eight or nine years, and they've been doing this for 15 years," Lil Wayne said of the experience (via MTV News). "I haven't been back here to do this for so long just being super busy, just always on tour."

"Those times I did it years ago, I was just a kid and I was just doing it because Baby and Slim, we were giving away turkeys at a park and that's what we were doin'," Weezy continued. "Now it's a totally different feeling, because I can actually give you that and say, 'Here, happy Thanksgiving.' I can do that, and I can provide that for you. That's a different feeling in general, and it's a beautiful feeling overall."

Birdman also felt honored to be participating in the Thanksgiving giveaway, and he hopes that Cash Money's presence will inspire some of the community members from New Orleans. "Knowing we once were them, so for me to see that they see us hopefully it's an inspiration for them and something positive can come out of it, because we once were them," Birdman said.

It's so great to see the Cash Money family really giving back to the people. Thanks to Lil Wayne and his hip-hop buddies, there will be a lot more happy (and full) families this Thanksgiving.

Watch Lil Wayne Talk About Giving Back to His Hometown