Lil Wayne's female-focused ballad 'How to Love' is going international, with a new remix featuring Spanish lyrics from Enrique Iglesias.

Weezy wrote the sensitive, acoustic song as a positive message to women, inspired by Tupac's 'Keep Ya Head Up.' On the new version, Iglesias takes the second verse, singing entirely in Spanish about a girl he once loved but who left him without saying goodbye.

Though Iglesias has been cranking out dance floor anthems lately, on the 'How to Love' remix he recaptures that breathy style seen in some of his quieter hits like 'Hero.' Just one complaint -- the Auto-tune is completely unnecessary with someone who sings as well as he does.

Iglesias trades lines with Wayne as the song draws to a close, providing the Spanish-language response as Weezy sings, "See you had a lot of crooks tryna steal your heart / Never really had luck, couldn't never figure out / How to love, how to love."

The original 'How to Love' didn't need any improvement, but for those who speak Spanish or want to see Iglesias return to singing ballads, the remix is definitely worth hearing.

Listen to Lil Wayne, 'How to Love' Remix Featuring Enrique Iglesias