Lil Wayne was supposed to drop his Dedication 4 mixtape on Aug. 14, but he changed his mind at the last minute. What gives?

In a video that was posted on his Bread Over Bed website, the Young Money honcho explained that he didn't want to interfere with the release of 2 Chainz's solo debut LP 'Based On a T.R.U. Story,' which was released on the same day. Isn't that so nice of him?

"I know I was supposed to drop that 'Dedication 4' tonight -- but listen, my homeboy 2 Chainz just dropped his album yesterday [August 14]," he said. "That's my real, real, real good homeboy right there and I refuse to put any attention on me when the spotlight, everybody's eyes, everybody's attention and everybody's focus should be on my n---a 2 Chainz's album 'Based On A T.R.U. Story.'"

"So therefore I ain't giving you b----es 'Dedication 4' yet," he continues. "I'ma give it to ya'll in another week or so. But I ain't gonna lie, I ain't finished that motherf---er. I've been skating and s---, falling and s--- and all that type of s---, but I'll give it to you like, next week. Stop trippin' pimp."

To hold fans over until he eventually does release his mixtape, Weezy let go his freestyle skills over 2 Chainz's chart-topping hit 'No Lie' (featuring Drake). On the track, Wayne spits, "I am sippin' on that lean / Don't bring me no bottles h-- / I make it rain so hard, flowers grow / Hollygrove."

The two rappers share a storied history together. Lil Wayne appeared on 'Duffle Bag Boy,' a chart-topping 2007 song by Playaz Circle, a group featuring Chainz, who was orginally known back then as MC Tity Boi. Five years later, Lil Wayne appears on 2 Chainz's album on a song called 'Yuck.' So now everything is coming full circle for Weezy and 2 Chainz.

Listen to the Lil Wayne's Message and His 'No Lie (Freestyle)'