When Lil Wayne dropped 'How to Love' as his first single from 'Tha Carter IV,' it left us scratching our collective heads -- is that Weezy F. Baby singing? The acoustic guitar-driven rap ballad, about a young girl searching for love, had us a little worried that he was going down the wrong musical path.

Nevertheless, the song has become a chart-topping hit and the Young Money leader's lyrics have connected with his fans. However, Wanye insists that he's not really singing on the Detail-produced track.

"I don’t look at 'How to Love' as singing," he tells XXL. "'Cause I don’t know how to sing. Singing has a definition in the dictionary and I don’t follow none of that m-------a. But, I know how to make a song. I know how to use my voice. I don't know how to sing, but I know what to do with my voice. I just made a great song. Singing is something totally different."

Uh, okay? Let's us clarify something here. Lil Wayne is absolutely right, he's not singing on the track, but he's definitely warbling. Thanks to Auto-Tune, he was able to stay in pitch or else that song would have been a disaster. In the end, 'How to Love' is a smash hit and the accompanying video is extremely heartfelt.

We are not mad at 'cha, Lil Wayne.