Rapper Lil Wayne easily outdid the Oreo cookie company's attempt to set a one-day record for most 'likes' on a Facebook page. Today, over 600,000 people supported his campaign to best the giant corporation.

You know, this is borderline mean. There's probably some pretty hard-working people over at Oreo's marketing department who were really proud of themselves for setting this record ... And thanks to whims of a tattooed, cigar-smoking multi-millionaire, that pride lasted about four hours.

According to BallerStatus (yes, really), Wayne somehow randomly caught wind of Oreo's plans and decided to mobilize his 20 million followers to crush their dreams. At the very least, he could have mentioned the delicious sandwich cookie with the creamy center in his own Facebook post. That way, both parties win -- he still gets the victory, and they get five times their original promotion. All we're saying is, try to think about us little people a bit more, OK pop stars?