An injured Lil Wayne hosted his third installment of his online sports show 'Weezy's Sports Corner.' The 'Mirror' rapper's arm was in a sling because he injured himself in a skateboarding accident.

"Never mind this," he told viewers while patting his bandaged arm. "It's coming off soon, and then I'm back on the deck (skateboard), so don't trip." Elsewhere in the series, Weezy offer his thoughts on the past week's news stories in the NFL, NBA, MLB, college basketball and extreme sports.

In the NFL segment, a bespectacled Wayne gave his prediction on who is going to win Super Bowl XLVI between the New England Patriots and New York Giants on Feb. 5. After pondering his decision for a few seconds, he finally named the Patriots as his pick to grab the illustrious football trophy. He didn't issue a money-making bet with his prediction unlike his "surrogate" dad Birdman who tweeted out a $5 million wager on the game. Nevertheless, Weezy did acknowledge that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is unstoppable on the gridiron.

We couldn't watch all the segments, but we have to say, Lil Wayne seems to know his stuff when it comes to sports. You can watch the entire 'Weezy's Sports Corner at Derick G.

Watch Weezy Talk About His Super Bowl XLVI Predictions