Rapper Lil Wayne is causing some controversy with his remarks about the Republican Party. In an interview appearing in the October/November issue of VIBE, the Young Money honcho takes a shot at the current group of GOP presidential candidates, saying that they don't care about black people.

“You learn from what the right-wing is doing and you take something from it,” Weezy tells the music magazine. “I feel like as a people the most that we can do is better ourselves and learn. Then look at yourself and ask ‘Am I the person they’re talking about or am I not?’ You have to make the most of who you are because the Republicans are never going to like us.”

Furthermore, Weezy believes that conservatives are questioning President Obama's handling of the economy because they have a problem with his skin color than the effectiveness of his policies. "I don't think I have to say that for everybody to know that," he says.

It looks like Wanye is taking a page out Kanye West's handbook when he caused an uproar in September 2005 when he stated during a live telethon for Hurricane Katrina relief that former President George Bush "doesn't like black people." Although Yeezy's emotions were running high on that night, it wasn't the best time to diss the President.

As for Weezy, he has a right to his opinion. During the final night of his I Am Still Music tour, he expressed his patriotism by paying tribute to the fallen heroes and victims of 9/11. "As a black man, it’s kinda tough to root for the home team given what we went through for this m—–f—ing home team,” he told the crowd. “But I still can proudly say, ‘I am a m—–f—-in’ American!’"

What do you think? Is Lil Wayne right or should he keep his mouth and stick to rapping? Speak your mind in the comment section below.