Jay-Z and Kanye West better watch the throne, because it looks like Lil Wayne and Drake are ready to knock them off their royal perch with their collaborative joint 'She Will.' The Young Money leader unveiled the song Friday (Aug. 12) on his blog and it instantly went viral.

Last week, Tunechi gave fans a sneak peek into the song with a behind-the-scenes video that showed him recording 'She Will' while Drizzy gave it a thumbs up. Now, it's officially here in all of its glory.

Produced by T-Minus, 'She Will' is a bass-heavy track with howling violins, a thunderous beat and a neck-snapping snare. At first listen, it sounds pretty eerie until Weezy comes in and starts spitting crazy one-liners.

"What goes around comes around like a hula hoop / Karma is a b---h, but just make sure that b---h is beautiful / Life on the edge / I'm dangling my feet, I tried to pay attention but attention paid me," Wayne raps.

But our favorite one-liner from Weezy is still: “I like my girl thick / Not just kinda fine / Eat her ’til she cry / Call it whine and dine.” Classic.

Meanwhile, Drake offers his trademark half-singing and half-rapping flow on the chorus with this memorable refrain: "Do it for the realest n----s in the f-----g game right now she will / Maybe for the money and the power and the fame right now she will."

'She Will' is a certified street banger that will garner repeated listens just for Weezy's one-liners alone. T-Minus' production is insane -- lower the bass or your speakers will blow out.

After listening to this song, Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter IV' album can't come soon enough for us. The realest dude in rap has officially arrived.

Listen to Lil Wayne, 'She Will' Feat. Drake