Lil Wayne already has launched his clothing line Trukfit for skateboard heads and now he's working on a signature brand of kicks. The 'Mirror' rapper revealed to VIBE that he's about to ink a deal with a major shoe company to create a sneaker line.

"I do have a shoe coming out soon but it won’t be Trukfit," he said. "I have shoe with a well-known company. I just don’t want to say yet because I haven’t dotted the line yet. But it’s done."

Weezy wouldn't reveal who he's signing with but it's not sneaker giant Nike or fellow competitor Reebok. When asked if he's partnering with footwear company Supra, he teased, "Uh-oh. Watch out."

Lil Wayne's fashion sense has always been, uh, interesting, to say the least. His infamous leopard jeggings (for women!) he wore during his performance at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards were certainly eye catching. His clothing line Trukfit is taking the streetwear market by storm so expanding his brand to footwear seems like the next logical step.

Good luck to Lil Wayne on his sneaker endeavor.

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