Lil Wayne cannot catch a break.

He goes to jail, gets released, gets slapped with tax liens and law suits. Now, he's being sued by another producer! This time, producer David Kirkwood has hit Weezy with a charge that he is owed money for his work on the super smash 'Tha Carter III.'

AllHipHopNews reports that Kirkwood filed suit against Weezy's Young Money imprint and the parent label Cash Money Records last Friday in New York Southern District Court. Kirkwood, who penned 'Love Me or Hate Me,' which is featured on the deluxe version of 'Tha Carter III,' is suing for $1.5 million in royalties as well as for his production services.

This is the second suit this spring related to 'Tha Carter III.' Producer Darius "Deezle" Harrison entered a lawsuit for $20 million; he says he was never paid for his work on the album. Additionally, producer Bangladesh hit Weezy with a suit in 2007, saying he was never paid, either.

Sounds like there were quite a few accounting delinquencies regarding 'Tha Carter III.'

'Tha Carter IV' has just been pushed back to an Aug. 29 release date. Hopefully everyone who works on this platter gets paid on time so Weezy can avoid more lawsuits.

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